Children for Christ

By Andrew Murray

Children for Christ


Children are a most precious gift that we receive from God, and they deserve our very best. Our faithful training will not be lost on our children; this is a promise found over and over again in the Scriptures. If our hearts are right towards God and our children, the world’s influence will not impact our children. We can and must exercise faith, so our children and our children’s children will be able to impact the world for Christ and inherit eternal blessings.

A few of the parenting topics covered in this book:

  • What sin did to the family and how to redeem that which was lost.
  • The distinct and also shared roles of fathers and mothers.
  • How and why to teach children manners.
  • How to show children the Scriptures in a way that takes root in the heart.
  • How to teach with a quiet, gentle spirit, as God teaches us.
  • How to intercede effectively in prayer for our children.