Practical Religion

By J.C. Ryle


Practical Religion

“Practical Religion,” or “walking the walk,” is a very popular theme in evangelical circles today. What isn’t spoken of as frequently is the fact that believers must KNOW what they believe. J. C. Ryle deftly walks the line between Systematic and Practical theologies, constantly forcing the reader to stop and examine his/her own life. Ryle’s goal was to encourage strong and serious Christian living, and his wise comments are as relevant today as when he first wrote them.

An important and interesting aspect of `Practical Religion’ is the variety of subjects considered. There is an extremely encouraging chapter on zeal where Ryle masterfully demonstrates how zeal is important for the individual and the church in general. Ryle points out how God seems to honor the grace of zeal. He also gives some historical examples of zealous men that God has used mightily and whose influence exceeded those who were more gifted intellectually and perhaps in other ways as well.

Other topics Ryle manages to address fully include self-inquiry, the temptations of the world, eternity, formality, prayer, going to the table (communion), and Bible reading—all with the power and spiritual richness that his writings are noted for. Those who take time to read and consider fascinating treatise on “Practical Religion” will be glad that they did.

The Life and Labors of George Whitefield

By J.C. Ryle

The Life and Labors of George Whitefield

There are some men in the pages of history, whose greatness no person of common sense thinks of disputing. They tower above the herd of mankind, like the Pyramids, the Parthenon, and the Colosseum, among buildings. Such men were Luther and Augustine, Gustavus Adolphus and George Washington, Columbus and Sir Isaac Newton. He who questions their greatness must be content to be thought very ignorant, very prejudiced, or very eccentric. Public opinion has come to a conclusion about them—they were great men.


But there are also great men whose reputation lies buried under a heap of contemporary ill-will and misrepresentation. The world does not appreciate them, because the world does not know their real worth. Their characters have come down to us through poisoned channels. Their portraits have been drawn by the ill-natured hand of enemies.

Their faults have been exaggerated. Their excellences have been maliciously kept back and suppressed. Like the famous sculptures of Nineveh, they need the hand of some literary Layard to clear away the rubbish that has accumulated round their names, and show them to the world in their fair proportions. Such men were Vigilantius and Wickliffe. Such men were Oliver Cromwell and many of the Puritans. And such a man was George Whitefield.

The Gospel of John


By J.C. Ryle

The Gospel of John

The New Testament begins with the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

No part of the Bible is so important as this, and no part is so full and complete.
Four distinct Gospels tell us the story of Christ’s doing and dying. Four times over we read the precious account of His works and words. How thankful we ought to be for this!

To know Christ is life eternal. To believe in Christ is to have peace with God. To follow Christ is to be a true Christian. To be with Christ will be heaven itself. We can never hear too much about Jesus Christ.

Taking each of the Gospels in order, Ryle exposited every verse with penetrating insight and clear reasoning. Each volume in the four volume set includes the biblical text followed by a section of pastoral commentary.

For nearly 200 years pastors and laypeople alike have used Ryle’s Expository Thoughts for their ministry needs and personal spiritual growth. Download copy and start growing your understanding of the Gospel of John today!

The Cross of Christ

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By J.C. Ryle

The Cross of Christ

What do you think and feel about the cross of Christ?

You live in a Christian land. You probably attend the worship of a Christian Church. You have perhaps been baptized in the name of Christ. You profess and call yourself a Christian.

All this is well. It is more than can be said of millions in the world. But all this is no answer to my question, “What do you think and feel about the cross of Christ?”

The Cross points the reader to the central truth of the Christian faith: Christ died for our sins. The believer’s glory and boast must be the saving work of Christ upon that cross. Ryle explores the significance of the cross and its place in the life of every Christian.

Christian Love


By J.C. Ryle


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love!” 1 Corinthians 13:13

“The end of the commandment is love.” 1 Timothy 1:5

Love is rightly called “the Queen of Christian graces.” It is a grace which all people profess to admire. It seems a plain practical thing which everybody can understand. It is none of “those troublesome doctrinal points” about which Christians are disagreed.

Thousands, I suspect, would not be ashamed to tell you that they knew nothing about justification or regeneration, about the work of Christ or the Holy Spirit. But nobody, I believe, would like to say that he knew nothing about “love!” If men possess nothing else in religion, they always flatter themselves that they possess “love.”

According to Promise


By Charles Spurgeon


The Bible promises every believer special privileges for following Christ. These promises are for every believer yet each will admit to not fully experiencing what is promised.

Spurgeon helps us to appreciate that all God’s promises are the birthright of each Christian. It is not presumptious or unreal to expect to enjoy what God has promised.

We are to measure what God can do by his generous promises, not by our level of expectation. Spurgeon had the gift of getting right to the heart of a matter in a style that was memorable and profound.

With Christ in The School of Prayer


By Andrew Murray


The power of intercessory prayer is a great gift from God.

God listens to those he loves, and works all things for their good. Murray, in his classic work With Christ in the School of Prayer, calls the church to exercise that powerful gift.

Murray skillfully describes the role of the Holy Spirit within the church and exhorts Christians to use the blessings God has given us.

As you saturate yourself in the timeless wisdom found here, you will discover how to prepare yourself for effective participation in the great privilege Christ has extended to believers–to join with Him in intercessory prayer.

This book is a guide to living a life as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The Holiest of All


 Andrew Murray


This book is a masterful illumination of the pages of the book of Hebrews.

In every passage Murray sees the purpose of God in the New Covenant – to set His very Spirit within us. As one of Murray’s earliest efforts, this book is something of a lost gem.

It has been little published, and even less known. But the depth of heart and richness of spiritual revelation shine through these pages.

Murray’s keen insight brings us to the heart of God’s intent in sending the Holy Spirit.

The Persecutor


By Sergei Kourdakov


Sergei Kourdakov, raised as an orphan in Russia who found his identity and ‘family’ in the Communist Party. As a violent, teenage thug, he soon found himself rising quickly through the ranks and gaining prestige by prosecuting, brutalizing, or even killing the Russian Christians who quietly and secretively practiced their faith and worshipped their God hidden within their homes.

Sergei’s exposure to the Believers eventually caused him to doubt the lies of the Communist Party and ultimately lead him to literally jump ship in the midst of a terrible storm in the cold waters off the coast of Canada in 1974 and swim for freedom.

Threatened with deportment back to Russia, Sergei finally was given citizenship in Canada where he wrote this book so the truth of what was happening in Russia would be known by the world. But Russia didn’t let him go so easily…

The Person And Work of The Holy Spirit

By R. A. Torrey



The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit is one of his most famous and one of the most powerful books you could ever read.

R. A. Torrey methodically explains Who the Holy Spirit is, how the Holy Spirit works in the world and in each believer.

He shows why we need the Holy Spirit and how to receive the much misunderstood Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Torrey illuminates the Holy Spirit as a Person in the Holy Trinity empowering Jesus on earth – our example for personal empowerment today.

You will come away from reading this book a new person with a new depth of understanding and a refreshed enthusiasm for your walk with God.