The Persecutor


By Sergei Kourdakov


Sergei Kourdakov, raised as an orphan in Russia who found his identity and ‘family’ in the Communist Party. As a violent, teenage thug, he soon found himself rising quickly through the ranks and gaining prestige by prosecuting, brutalizing, or even killing the Russian Christians who quietly and secretively practiced their faith and worshipped their God hidden within their homes.

Sergei’s exposure to the Believers eventually caused him to doubt the lies of the Communist Party and ultimately lead him to literally jump ship in the midst of a terrible storm in the cold waters off the coast of Canada in 1974 and swim for freedom.

Threatened with deportment back to Russia, Sergei finally was given citizenship in Canada where he wrote this book so the truth of what was happening in Russia would be known by the world. But Russia didn’t let him go so easily…